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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is our AfriPonics Team. This is a special group of individuals who embody AfriPonics. We are all dedicated to the joint mission and work philosophy.

About AfriPonics



AfriPonics was born out of the shared vision of students at Harvard University. Hailing from different corners of Africa, we drew from our dynamically different backgrounds and founded AfriPonics


We are a people-first organization. We aim to treat all our partners with dignity, courtesy and respect. We also value environmental sustainability with our smart climate agriculture centred around clean energy with minimal environmental impact


Our solution utilizes hydroponics and aquaculture methods to grow vegetables in a closed system. Plants are embedded into Styrofoam floating beds suspended in a nutrient-rich solution. We serve women, rural farmers and grocery store owners

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Davis Projects for Peace



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Finalists in the innovation Lab Venture Program


Where it all Began...

AfriPonics was born out of a shared passion for the African continent. As three young College students at  Harvard University, we found commonality in our desire to improve the situations back home. Hailing from different corners of the Continent, we managed to draw from our dynamically different backgrounds yet startlingly similar perspectives on growth, productivity, and development. Knowing the importance of land,  not only as a symbol for independence and autonomy among the Nations of Africa but also as a natural tangible source of nourishment and sustenance for billions, we decided upon the venture of AfriPonics as the answer to the question of ‘How shall Africa exit the 21st Century. We believe that being able to feed one’s people while economically liberating marginalized groups will be essential in the next excellent progression of  Africa.

While we were confident in our abilities, we soon discovered that our success depended on the presence of key voices and experiences. Our biggest value addition was that of Tiisetso, an experienced Mosotho woman in Agriculture who brought her speciality and experience to the AfriPonics Team. Since one of our key target groups. At the Center of our personal development as individuals were mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and matriarchs that led their individual communities in more ways than one. Be it advising the youth, nourishing the infants, or tilling the land, women have held the  African community together for centuries. This fact means that we pay special attention to the inclusion of all voices in our organization.


To economically transform Africa through the active involvement of its youth and women. No African should ever have to go to bed hungry

From Lesotho, to Rwanda, to Zimbabwe, we draw our passions from a shared sense of purpose that we hope will resonate with the continent at large;

•Our team is made of proud citizens of growing African countries

•We cover Southern and East Africa

•We are all committed to alleviating poverty and hunger in our respective communities


To use climate-smart agriculture to create sustainable and self-sufficient African agricultural markets

Hydroponics provides an efficient and effective way to

•Mass-produce much needed quantities of food.:

•Empower thousands of women across the continent by giving them autonomy and access to the means of production

•Form connections between rural and urban markets, strengthening value chains and promoting growth in rural economies


To become Africa’s Largest farmers’ partnership over the next 10 years

We take a long-term approach to our planning as we hope to create a solution that outlives us.

•Our projects are built to last, and we aim to maintain contact with our farmers indefinitely

•As our teams grow, we expect both our reach and our partnerships to grow  at a regional level

•The end point of our involvement is the setting up of thousands of self-contained and self-sustainable hydroponics farms, dotted across the continent.

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