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 Summer Intern 2023

Join us to be an intern with us over your Summer Break. We will give you compensated hands-on experience managing and working on a hydroponic farm with daily on-site work and weekly managerial training. (University students encouraged to apply)

Farm Manager

As our business grows we are beginning to start the search for a manager to handle the increasing load and day-to-day work that emerges. Anyone with 2 or more years of agricultural experience in production, administrations or sales (or all 3!) is welcome to apply!.

Delivery Service

AfriPonics is always looking to optimise our delivery systems. Ideal candidates will have a valid driver's licence, access to a vehicle or means of transport and considerable experience (1-3 years) in the service delivery industry.


A team thrives when it keeps growing and evolving with the times. Here at AfriPonics, we pride ourselves in our commitment to change and we know we do not have all the answers. That is where YOU come in!

We are committed to the idea of growth and we need your talent to do so. If you think you have what it takes to be a member of team AfriPonics, go ahead and apply. We will endeavour to respond to all applications as swiftly as we can!

2023 Internship

Spotlight on: Liv Cramer

Liv is a fourth-year student from Cornell University studying international agriculture and rural development learning about conducting market research through her internship with Afriponics.

"Interning in Lesotho has been such an incredible experience. I’ve learned so much about the local culture and about what it takes to run a startup."

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AfriPonics Alumni

"We are really grateful for the experience with Afriponics."

Likhapa Maluke, AfriPonics Intern 2022

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